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“Rise and Dine” Edition, Spring 2024, Vol XXIII

Matthew Merril, our very own food blogger, has once again captivated his audience with a detailed and entertaining review of fast food breakfast options in Ithaca. Published in Crème de Cornell’s “Rise and Dine” edition, Spring 2024, Vol XXIII, Matthew explores why breakfast remains a crucial yet often neglected meal for college students. Here are the key takeaways from his article:

The Breakfast Dilemma

Matthew begins by addressing the common excuses college students use to skip breakfast, such as, “Oh, I slept in” or “I can’t stomach anything until noon!” He humorously highlights the irony of breakfast being touted as the “most important meal of the day” while being the most skipped. According to Matthew, skipping breakfast deprives students of essential brain power, leading to grumpy and unproductive days.

Best Breakfast: McDonald’s

In a fiercely competitive category, McDonald’s emerged as the top choice for the best fast food breakfast. Matthew’s team of reviewers praised the Sausage McMuffin and Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle for their consistent taste and quality. “Your expectation that the meal will be delicious always meets the reality,” Matthew notes, emphasizing McDonald’s reliable and varied breakfast menu.

Worst Breakfast: 7-Eleven

Unfortunately, 7-Eleven did not fare well in Matthew’s review. While the convenience and low prices were appreciated, the flavor and quality of the food left much to be desired. One reviewer even stated, “I would have to be extremely down bad to ever go to 7-Eleven for breakfast.” The lack of breakfast options and the overall experience of purchasing from a convenience store were major drawbacks.

Fan Favorite: Dunkin’

Dunkin’ won the hearts of many with its nostalgic appeal and friendly atmosphere. Matthew’s team enjoyed the variety of donuts and breakfast options, although the inconsistency in coffee orders was noted. Despite this, the imperfections added to the charm and excitement of dining at Dunkin’.

Standout Item: Taco Bell’s Breakfast Bacon Crunchwrap

Matthew’s team approached Taco Bell’s breakfast with some trepidation, but the Breakfast Bacon Crunchwrap turned out to be a surprising favorite. The novelty, taste, and price efficiency of under $5 made it a standout item. Matthew highlights the unexpected delight in discovering that Taco Bell serves breakfast at all.

Honorable Mentions: Panera and Wendy’s

Panera impressed the team with its quality breakfast sandwiches, though the distance and limited breakfast hours were seen as drawbacks. Wendy’s, often overlooked, provided a tasty but slightly inferior alternative to McDonald’s. Matthew concludes that while these options are good, they don’t quite surpass the convenience and variety offered by McDonald’s.

Final Thoughts

Matthew concludes his article by encouraging students to rethink their breakfast habits. He suggests that incorporating a fast food breakfast into their routine might be the next big improvement in their busy lives. Whether it’s McDonald’s wide array of options or Taco Bell’s innovative Crunchwrap, there’s a fast food breakfast out there to suit every taste and schedule.

Stay tuned for more of Matthew Merril’s insightful and engaging food reviews!

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