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“When you cook with love and passion, you
can literally taste the difference.”

Matthew Merril was born to cook.

Matthew loves to add his own twist to popular desserts and trendy recipes, from pumpkin spice macarons and homemade cake pops to vegan wings and gourmet tacos. The popularity of his TikTok channel has spawned opportunities to work with brands such as Disney, Pillsbury, Hidden Valley Ranch, and Walmart.

Matthew has appeared on several popular television shows, including season two of “Kids Baking Championship,” ”Chopped Junior” and “Guy’s Grocery Games.” Matthew served as a brand ambassador for Avocados from Mexico, as well as being featured in various commercials on a variety of media and social media platforms.

A Bit About Matthew

Since childhood, Matthew has hit the ground running, using creative content to educate and connect people through food. His family’s Middle Eastern heritage centered many traditions around delicious meals.

Growing up, he was fascinated by the complex flavors and seasonings his grandmother would use in her recipes. By 8 years old, he not only knew what exotic spices like turmeric, cardamom and garam masala were but how to use them.

The satisfying thrill of participating in meals that took hours to prepare made him ready to take on new challenges. Soon he was making a name for himself online by creating decadent French desserts like crème brûlée, chocolate éclairs and croquembouche.

Dynamic chef. Authentic influencer.
Passionate creative. 


Vibrant, humorous and personable, Matthew continuously exudes joie de vivre in every video, connecting with fans through a cooking style that’s authentic and accessible to all. His global following includes TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and  reflects just how fun it is to join “Matthew in the Kitchen.”





Matthew wrote a highly-anticipated cookbook titled “Teen Baking Bootcamp,” which was released in 2021. Targeting young fans, Matthew shares his favorite recipes and techniques to help the reader find their way around the kitchen and take their skills to the next level. 


Matthew brings an engaging charm to videos that teach people to cook. He enjoys producing digital media to share his passion for food while educating his fans on the interconnectedness of world cuisines, history and culture. 

Actor/Vocal Artist

Matthew is versed in theater, having performed in plays and musicals as well as choral arts and acapella groups. He has appeared on “Chopped Junior” and “Guy’s Grocery Games,” and has also been featured in commercials. 


Matthew has given inspiring talks and presentations nationwide on the topics of creativity and perseverance. In the near future, his goal is to use his influence to speak on philanthropic efforts around food insecurity and reducing food waste. 

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